Saturday, 16 February 2013

Flesh Tearer Assault Marines

Alrighty, it wouldn't be a Blood Angels successor chapter if there wasn't Assault Marines. Now, I like Assault Marines, but I think they are over-represented in BA and BA-successor lists. Just because you can select them as troops, doesn't mean you always should. The most important thing for me about an army is its visual appeal and impact on the table, and so a mix of Assault and Tac Marines is a must. I couldn't imagine a Space Marine army without Tac Marines.

Anyway, here are some of the jumpy fellows:


  1. What reds did you use for these? Some articles on your painting techniques or some tutorials would be really nice.

    Your Sanguinary Guard looks awesome!

    1. Hi RMK, thanks for the question. I will do a proper tutorial in a couple of weeks when I'm on holidays and can do a few good updates. However, in the meantime, the two main colours used here are VGC Heavy Red and VGC Bloody Red. Heavy Red is in the Extra Opaque range which is Vallejo's version of the foundation or base? range that GW do. The basic layers go like this:

      1. Two coats of Heavy Red over a black undercoat
      2. First highlight of about 70% Heavy Red, 30% Bloody Red
      3. Second Highlight of 50% Heavy Red, 50% Bloody Red.
      4. Third Highlight of 70% Bloody Red, 30% Heavy Red.
      5. Final highlight of pure Bloody read, in very thin lines on the extremities of the armour.

      Hope that helps, and thanks for reading.