Saturday, 16 February 2013

Flesh Tearer Sanguinary Guard

Okay, the last of my completed Flesh Tearer models, for now (Assault Terminators are nearly done), the mighty Sanguinary Guard.

These models were converted and modeled by PaganFoam from my designs. As you can see, he did a fantastic job. The Banner Pole had to be an icon to reflect the barbaric nature of the Flesh Tearers - a renaissance style banner is okay for the Blood Angels, but it seemed logical that the Flesh Tearers would have a totem pole, probably constructed on the battlefield.

The piece is another resin casting from Chapterhouse Studios. These are their vehicle icons for the Flesh Tearers, but I am using them mainly as banner icons.

The colour scheme came about from a desire to distance myself from the golden angelic look of the Games Workshop colour scheme. That scheme suits the Blood Angels, but the Flesh Tearers need to be dark and sinister, and I thought the death masks suited this look perfectly, which is why the whole squad has the, I used the basic pallet of the Flesh Tearers - Red, black and white to make sure there was some unity in the army, while stil giving these guys the unique scheme that they deserve.

This was my first attempt at primarily drybrushing a Marine model. The black armour and wings were drybrushed, while the otehr details were done in a more traditional hilighting. I wanted the look of the armour to be statue-esque, and I thought drybrushing would give the best result here.

These models were also the first I painted to use Army painter ink washes extensively. Quite simply, these washes are superb, easily the best on the market. Buy some immediately, they will improve and speed up your painting no end.


  1. I'm in shock that you've betrayed your Space Wolves though, I guess the last time we played was about 10+ years ago.

    1. Haha, Space Puppies are looong gone. In some ways I'm kinda sad, those 2nd edition models had the best character of all incarnations of the Wolves - 3rd edition was horrible, the plastic heads made them all look like Ron Jeremy and John Holmes in power armour. As you'll see though over the coming weeks as I update this, 40K and Fantasy aren't really my thing anymore; WWII and other historicals have taken their place. Having said that though, I just put a stupid amount of money into Mierce Miniatures new Kickstarter...updates on that soon....