Saturday, 16 February 2013

Welcome to Tales From the Paintpot!

Hi all, thanks for having a look at my own corner of the blogosphere.

This blog serves a few purposes - to inspire others and to motivate myself. I'm not the world's greatest painter, but when I start a new project I like to look at as many pictures as I can to get some ideas. It doesn't have to be a brilliant paint-job to be an inspirational one, just a well-thought out paint-job. I love nothing more than trawling the net for pics of painted miniatures to get ideas from, so I hope you find something here that you can use, and if not, I hope you enjoy your stay anyway :)

Secondly, I hope the desire to keep regular blog updates helps keep me motivated on certain projects. Like most painters I have far too many projects on the go at once and a ridiculous back-log that seems to be a never diminishing pile!

I also hope that my photography of minis improves throughout the course of keeping this blog. It is fairly basic at the moment, and I do intend to practice to get better results.

Cheers all!

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